Toyota Yaris 2018 Prices in Pakistan, Pictures and Reviews


Toyota Yaris
Used Toyota Yaris for Sale

Expected Launch Date

October 2018

  • Engine 1000cc
  • Horsepower 65-109 HP
  • Torque (Nm) 93-144 NM
  • Mileage (KM/LITER) 14-18 KM/L

Toyota Yaris Overview

Toyota Yaris is a particularly popular Toyota in Pakistan. Introduced in 1999 globally, Toyota Yaris in Pakistan became available in the local market when the imports opened up, and Toyota Yaris body type was a natural fit to the ergonomics of Pakistan.

Toyota Yaris specs were simple, a small four-door hatchback with a decent fuel economy even with an automatic transmission mated with a 1000cc engine. Toyota Yaris upcoming models even had better mileage with the same 1000cc displacement, whereas 1300cc Toyota Yaris had a bit of oomph in them due to the added power. However, the 1000cc Yaris weren’t underpowered in comparison; they  made the right daily driver.

Toyota Yaris for sale around the world has received positive reviews, particularly in Europe and Japan where people prefer small economical cars, and Toyota Yaris for sale in Pakistan were preferred and took the domestic market by storm for the very same reasons.

Toyota Yaris price is around the US $15,000 in foreign markets, however, adding up duty in the equation and other customer and taxes may make it different from Pakistan. Toyota Yaris price in Pakistan is, therefore, a bit different; since Toyota Yaris coming to Pakistan are mostly used, they are cheaper than the price of a new Yaris.


Toyota Yaris 2018 model launch date in Pakistan is not yet announced by Toyota globally, but Toyota is hard at work in the next model. Toyota Yaris 2015 however, hasn’t seen the same level of excitement in Pakistan as its previous models which have met with great enthusiasm.

Toyota Yaris 2011, which continues to this day had 1329cc and 1498cc engines while the popularity of the previous models rested with an affordable price tag of below one million Pakistan rupees due to Toyota Yaris specs which had a 1000cc engine. It came with a 1300cc engine as well, but it was never sold as much as the 1000cc one. It has the same basic round shape made to reduce the drag coefficient as much as possible. You have large back swept from the headlight. The current generation, the lights sweep from inward to outwards following the same design language of their other larger cars of the same series. Body lines are round and soft without any sharp edges.

When Toyota Yaris 2018 is coming, and it will come with the same Toyota Yaris specs of the big room, and easy to drive philosophy. Fuel mileage, ABS, Traction control, LED lights, suave interior amongst a lot of other options will not be options but will be mandatory.


The interior is a huge jump from the first generation. The interior was made spacious with each generation. The second and third gen Yaris has soft and light colored upholstery. Like first gen, the second gen also has the speedometer in the middle of the dashboard. However, the meter has been relocated in the current generation of Toyota Yaris. The back of the rear seats can be tilted backward and can be flattened forward to make one large storage space in the rear. Top of the line Yaris comes with all the modern features like infotainment system, immobilizer, heated mirrors, and much more. You still have manual seats in the second generation Yaris though.

Toyota Yaris coming to Pakistan isn’t sure right now for 2018 because it will be dependent on Japan. Whenever they get it, used car importers based in Pakistan will be quick to grab a few and bring them here to the local market. Toyota Yaris price in Pakistan though, it will not be cheap since it will be imported after putting only a few miles that still counts as new.

Currently, Toyota Yaris in Pakistan is available in all generations, but most recent is 3rd Generation that came out in 2011. The Toyota Yaris average price is around 1.2-1.4 million Pakistani rupees, depending on the grade of the car.



1.3 Liter DOHC

1.3 Liter DOHC

1.5 Liter DOHC


4-speed auto



The mileage of the Yaris depends on the engine capacity. The 1.0 Liter engine does 16.6 km/l, the 1.3 Liter engine does 15.8 km/l, whereas the 1.5 Liter engine achieves 15 km/l.


There are two main competitors of Toyota Yaris in Pakistani market, Honda Fit and Suzuki Swift.


The 1.0 Liter engine makes 65 hp. The 1.3 Liter engine makes 84 hp. Whereas the 1.5-liter engine makes 109 hp.

Pros & Cons



Great fuel consumption

Good resale value


Parts can be expensive

Bouncy ride

Noisy engine (1.0 Liter engine)

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