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Daihatsu Esse

Daihatsu Esse Overview

The 1st Generation Daihatsu Esse was introduced in 2005. The 2005 Daihatsu Esse is a front engine front/four wheel drive 5-door kei car. The Model name “Esse” stands for “Eco, Smart, Simple and Easy” according to Daihatsu. At the time of launch the Daihatsu Esse 1st Generation was the cheapest car available to purchase in Japan. The Daihatsu Esse 2005 is available in 2 distinct styles Esse or Esse Custom and in 3 variants D, L and X with all of them featuring 4WD as an option. Production of the 1st Generation Daihatsu Esse lasted for 7 years, the Daihatsu Esse was available to purchase in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and the year 2011. The price of the Daihatsu Esse 2005 was very competitive when compared with other cars in the same class available in the local market.


The exterior of the 2005 Daihatsu Esse features a unique design language. The front end and houses angular side swept headlights, a small slim grille, a large air intake and an outward sticking bumper. The sloping rear end houses angular stacked vertical side swept taillights, a large curved bumper and a small standard case hatchback. The Daihatsu Esse Custom features a very slightly more sporty design language. The front end houses a larger front bumper and standard circular fog lights. The rear end houses a larger rear bumper and a top-mounted spoiler. The overall exterior of the 1st Generation Daihatsu Esse features a fairly unique and distinctive design language that is able to stand out amongst its competition.


The interior of the 1st Generation Daihatsu Esse features the use of beige plastic trim pieces. The front and rear seats are covered in fabric. Standard features include power steering, power windows, power lock doors, stereo speaker audio system, air conditioning and a tachometer. Features on the higher end L variant include keyless entry, front fog lights and a rear windscreen wiper. The higher end X variant includes rear fog lights and rear power windows. The overall interior of the 2005 Daihatsu Esse features a decent amount of interior space in the front but a lack of interior space in the rear, it also offers a good level of comfort and refinement.


0.66 Liter DOHC 12 Valve Inline-3 [email protected]

4-Speed Manual Transmission
3-Speed Automatic Transmission
5-Speed Automatic Transmission


The 1st Generation Daihatsu Esse can achieve an average of up to 19KM/L making for an estimated driving range of up to 684KM from the compact kei cars 36-Liter fuel tank.


The main competitors of the Daihatsu Esse 2005 are the Suzuki Alto, Subaru R1, Mitsubishi eK, Honda N One, Nissan Moco and Subaru Pleo.


0.66 Liter DOHC 12 Valve Inline-3 [email protected]

Pros & Cons

Small exterior dimensions
Very Economical
Comfortable interior
Good ride quality
FWD as standard while AWD can be had as an option.

Lack of interior sp

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