BMW Z4 2003 - 2017 Prices in Pakistan, Pictures and Reviews

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BMW Z4 Overview

BMW Z4 2017 is a rear-wheel drive sports car offered by one of the top German automakers. Z4 BMW follows the path of past BMW vehicles such as BMW Z1 and BMW Z3. The production of BMW Z4 started in 2002 with both roadster and coupe forms. Although the sports car is good looking, a handful of them seen here in Pakistan. BMW Z4 model has two main generations where the first generation is divided into four parts with different years and the second generation division is in the making. The actual latest model Z4 was announced in December 2008 however the vehicle was officially unveiled in 2009 at an auto show in Detroit. Little variations were done in 2013 which are still continued. The latest model z4 price starts from $49,700. BMW z4 price in Pakistan depends on how much the owner wants to have as there is no particular market of Z4 in Pakistan. Unlike a Corolla, BMW Z4 for sale cars are difficult to find. From 2003, BMW Z4 Roadsters were available in 3.0 L I6 engine. BMW Z4 Coupe M is powered with an engine spelling out 343 hp.


The z4 car is no doubt a good looking vehicle offered by BMW. The short overhangs and stretched bonnet are complimented by the low seats to give the drive a perfect feel. The aggressive looking eyes of and the perfectly styled grille of Z4 BMW further sweetens the dish. The lowered body with 17 and 18-inch alloys are there to provide grip when the driver plays with the acceleration.


BMW Z4 reviews reveal that the interior is outstanding with comfort and elegance. It can be described as a well-tailored suit; the level of customization wins the heart of the driver. BMW believes with the removing of the roof it is important to give the passenger a feel of freedom otherwise it's no point. You're talking about BMW Z4 and forget to mention the spacious room it has to offer, probably impossible.


BMW Z4 hardtop and BMW Z4 convertible both have same engines to offer. The latest model has a variety of engines to offer. 2000cc N20B20 I4 2500cc N52B25 I6 3000cc N52B30 I6 3000 cc N54B30 Twin turbocharged I6 Transmission Six-speed manual Six-speed automatic Seven-speed automatic Eight-speed ZF 8HP automatic


22 mpg in city and 34 on highway


Mercedes SLK
 Audi TT
Porsche Boxster




Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons
Excellent performance
Good handling
Good looks
Room for adding better features
Maintenance cost is high compared to competitors

BMW Z4 News

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