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2013 Suzuki Alto

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Engine Capacity

3100 cc



21 km


Fuel Type



Inspection Date

16 Jul 2019


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Registered City

Abdul Hakeem


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Exterior Condition


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*Seller did not allow us to test drive the vehicle so some ratings might vary from actual condition.

  • Radiator Core Support Accidented
    Right Strut Tower Apron Non-Accidented
    Left Strut Tower Apron Accidented
    Right Front Rail Non-Accidented
    Left Front Rail
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    Cowl Panel Firewall
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    Right A Pillar
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    Left A Pillar Non-Accidented
    Right B Pillar Non-Accidented
    Left B Pillar Accidented
    Right C Pillar Accidented
    Left C Pillar Non-Accidented
    Right D Pillar Non-Accidented
    Left D Pillar Non-Accidented
    Boot Floor Accidented
    Boot Lock Pillar Accidented
    Front Sub Frame Non-Accidented
    Rear Sub Frame Non-Accidented
  • Fluids/filters check
    Engine Oil Level
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    Engine Oil Leakage Leakage
    Transmission Oil Level
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    Complete and Clean
    Transmission Oil Leakage No Leakage
    Clutch Oil Level Incomplete
    Clutch Cable Ok
    Brake Oil Level
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    Brake Oil Leakage Leakage
    Washer Fluid Level Incomplete
    Washer Fluid Leakage
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    Power Steering Oil Level
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    Not in a good Condition
    Power Steering Oil Leakage Leakage
    Coolant Leakage Leakage
    Differential Oil Leakage No Leakage
  • Mechanical check
    Belts (Fan) Not Ok
    Belts (AC)
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    Not Ok
    Wires (Wiring Harness) Repaired
    Engine Valve Tappet Noise Abnormal Noise
    Engine Blow (Manual Check) Not Present
    Engine Noise No Noise
    Engine Vibration Vibration
    Cold Start
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    Engine Mounts
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    Pulleys (Main, Adjuster) Not Ok
    Gear Mounts Ok
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  • Exhaust check
    Catalytic Convertor Broken
    Exhaust Sound Ok
    Exhaust Joints Not Ok
  • Engine cooling system
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    Suction Fan Not Working
  • Transmission check / power train
  • Engine electronics
    Starter Operation Not Ok
  • Mechanical check
    Front Right Disc Slight Linings
    Front Left Disc Smooth
    Front Right Brake Pad
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    More than 50%
    Front Left Brake Pad More than 50%
    Parking / Hand Brake Ok
Suspension ratings and actual suspension condition may differ due to unavailability of the vehicle for test drive.
  • Front suspension
    Right Ball Joint
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    Boot Damage or Play
    Left Ball Joint Ok
    Right Z Links Boot Damage or Play
    Left Z Links Ok
    Right Tie Rod End
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    Boot Damage or Play
    Left Tie Rod End Ok
    Right Rack End Ok
    Left Rack End Ok
    Front Right Boots
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    Front Left Boots Ok
    Front Right Bushes Ok
    Front Left Bushes Damaged
    Front Right Shock
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    Not Ok
    Front Left Shock Not Ok
  • Rear suspension
    Rear Right Bushes No Damage Found
    Rear Left Bushes Damage
    Rear Right Shock
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    Rear Left Shock
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  • Steering controls
    Steering Wheel Condition Torned
    Steering Wheel Buttons Working
    Horn Working but sound is not perfect
    Lights Lever / Switch (High / Low Beams , Indicators)
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    Wiper / Washer Lever (Washer, Speeds) Working
  • Mirrors
    Right Side Mirror Broken or Not Rotating
    Left Side Mirror Working
    Rear View Mirror Dimmer Showing Reflection
  • Seats
    Right Seat Adjuster Recliner
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    Left Seat Adjuster Recliner Working
    Right Seat Adjuster Lear Track Working
    Left Seat Adjuster Lear Track Working
    Right Seat Belt Working
    Left Seat Belt
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    Right Head Rest
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    Not Available or Not Working
    Left Head Rest
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    Not Available or Not Working
    Arm Rest
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    Glove Box Working
  • Power / manual windows & central locking
    Front Right Power Window/Manual Lever
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    Not Working Properly
    Fornt Left Power Window/Manual Lever Not Working Properly
    Rear Right Power Window/Manual Lever Working Properly
    Rear Left Power Window/Manual Lever Working Properly
    Auto Lock Button Working
    Window Safety Lock
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  • Dash / roof controls
    Interior Lightings Not working
    Dash Controls - A/C Not working
    Dash Controls - De-Fog Working
    Dash Controls - Hazzard Lights
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    Dash Controls - Parking Button Working
    Dash Controls - Others Working
    Audio/Video Working with issues
    Cigarette Lighter Not working or Missing
    Trunk Release Lever / Button
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    Not Working
    Fuel Cap Release Lever / Button
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    Not Working
    Bonnet Release Lever / Button
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    Not Working
    Power Plug
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  • Poshish
    Roof Poshish Dirty
    Floor Mat Dirty
    Front Right Door Poshish
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    Front Left Door Poshish Dirty
    Rear Right Door Poshish Dirty
    Rear Left Door Poshish Dirty
    Front Right Seat Poshish Damaged
    Front Left Seat Poshish Dirty
    Rear Seat Poshish
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    Right Sunshade Perfect
    Left Sunshade Dirty
    Boot Carpet / Mat Perfect
    Boot Board Perfect
    Dashboard Condition Minor Spots or Cracks
  • Equipment
    Spare Tire Present
    Tools Complete
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AC is not fitted in this vehicle
  • Ac / heater check up
    AC Fitted No
  • Computer check up
    Computer Check up / Malfunction Check No Error
    Engine Emission Warning Light Not Present
    Battery Warning Light Not Present
    Oil Pressure Low Warning Light Not Present
    Temperature Warning Light Not Present
    Parking Assist Warning Light
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    Not Present
    Stability Control Warning light Not Present
    Power Steering Warning Light Not Present
    Air Suspension Warning Light Not Present
    Steering Lock Warning Light Not Present
    Brake Pad Warning Light Not Present
    Key Fob Battery Low Light Present
    Auto Wind Screen Wiping Light Not Present
    Rain Sensor Present
    Glow Plug / Diesel Pre Haet Warning Light Not Present
  • Battery
    Voltage 8
    Terminals Condition
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    Charging Ok
    Alternator Operation Ok
  • Instrument cluster
    Gauges Working
  • Car frame
    Trunk Lock Ok with issues
    Front Windshield Condition Cracked
    Rear Windshield Condition Scratches
    Front Right Door Fittings
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    Ok with issues
    Front Left Door Fittings Ok
    Rear Right Door Fittings Ok with issues
    Rear Left Door Fittings Ok
    Front Right Door Levers Not working
    Front Left Door Levers Ok with issues
    Rear Right Door Levers Ok
    Rear Left Door Levers Ok with issues
    Front Right Door Window
    View Image
    Front Left Door Window Cracked
    Rear Right Door Window Cracked
    Windscreen Wiper
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    Cleaning Properly
  • Exterior lights
    Right Headlight (Working) Not Working
    Left Headlight (Working) Not Working
    Right Headlight (Condition) Scratches
    Left Headlight (Condition) Foggy
    Right Taillight (Working) Not Working
    Left Taillight (Working)
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    Right Taillight (Condition) Repaired
    Left Taillight (Condition)
    View Image
    Number Plate Lights (Working) Not Working
    Number Plate Lights (Condition) Scratches
    Fog Lights (Working) Working
    Fog Lights (Condition) Perfect
    Reverse Light (Working) Working
    Reverse Light (Condition)
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    Windscreen Wiper Rubbers Cracked or Damaged
  • Tyres
    Front Right Tyre 100% (remaining life)
    Front Left Tyre 100% (remaining life)
    Rear Right Tyre 100% (remaining life)
    Rear Left Tyre 100% (remaining life)
    Spare Tyre 22% (remaining life)
    Brand Name Falken
    Tyre Size 192/16/R80
    Rims Normal
    Wheel Caps Present



This report is based on the condition of the vehicle on the date of certification and provides an approximate estimate of the condition on that date. Except where indicated, the parts were in working condition - this report does not take into account the condition of parts not visible or not inspected. has relied on the odometer reading for kms driven as seen at the time of inspection and is not responsible for verifying its genuineness. The report is in no way a commitment on the condition of the car. All reports are subjective and and its associates cannot be held liable in any way due to the use of this report.

Unless mentioned by the dealer, cars with W1 grade paint cannot be detected by the human eye, hence it can be possible for such paint to go undetected.