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Kia Sportage vs Suzuki Vitara – Specs comparison!

Kia Pakistan has caused a lot of hype lately with the launch of its Carnival MPV and Frontier pickup. Both cars are up for sale right now. But then there are other Kia cars like the Sportage, Rio and Picanto that have caught the attention of the public and it would not be wrong to say that arguably they have stolen the limelight away from the Carnival and Frontier. But the disappointing news is that all these three cars are not up for sale…at least for now.

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Kia argues that it has brought out these cars just to see and judge the reaction of the public against these cars. These cars are here to show people what Kia Pakistan can potentially offer. It is another debate whether this is a right way to move forward in a market like Pakistan or not. But one of those cars is the Kia Sportage. Kia Pakistan has still not confirmed if it will be launching the Sportage in Pakistan or not. And if it does, what could be the price range.

2019 kia sportage crossover 1

Kia Sportage is a compact SUV (sports utility vehicle) which was first launched back in 1993. It was based on a Mazda pickup truck platform. Second generation Sportage was launched in 2005 whereas the 3rd generation Sportage was stayed in production from 2010 to 2015. What you have seen in the photos lately is the 4th and the latest generation Kia Sportage which was launched at the end of 2015 and is still in production.

Although being a small SUV, it has various indirect competitors, Honda Vezel and Toyota CH-R being on top of the list. But it’s only direct competition in Pakistan is the Suzuki Vitara. Vitara, as you know, it a compact SUV by Suzuki and was launched in Pakistan by Pak Suzuki in December of 2016.

The basic specs of both cars are as follows.

Kia Sportage Suzuki Vitara GLX
Engine Inline-4 Inline-4
Displacement cc 1998 cm3 1586 cm3
Valves 16 16
Bore×stroke N/A 78.0×83.0
Tranmission 6-Speed Automatic CVT
Dimensions (LxWxH) 4480 x 1855 x 1645 mm 4175 x 1775 x 1610
Wheelbase 2670 mm 2500 mm
Ground clearance 172 mm 185 mm
Weight 1768 kg 1185 kg
Power 155 BHP @ 6200 RPM 118 BHP @ 6000 RPM
Troque 197 Nm @ 4000 RPM 156 Nm @ 4400 RPM
Drivetrain AWD 2WD/ALLGRIP(4WD)
Fuel System Multipoint Fuel Injection Multipoint Fuel Injection
Fuel Petrol Petrol
Brakes (F+R) Ventilated Discs + Discs Ventilated Discs + Discs
Airbags 0 0
Tire Size 245/45 R19 215/55 R17
Fuel tank capacity 45 liters 47 liters

Since Kia is quite tight-lipped about the detailed specs of its Sportage, the specs have been collected from various online sources, and there might be some difference in the model that might end up being sold in Pakistan.


As for the styling of both SUVs are concerned, you can see where Vitara has a boxy shape with straight lines, the Kia Sportage on the other hand looks modern and has contemporary rounded looks. The Sportage has overall a rounder shape with soft corners and edges. Which car is better to look at depends on the viewer, so no point discussing which car is better to look at. Since both cars are CBU the build quality is fairly good.

KIA Sportage

KIA Sportage




Similarly, the same can be said about the interior of both cars. Both cars provide all the modern facilities, like power steering, keyless entry, advanced digital cluster, paddle shifters, air conditioning, driving modes, cruise control, seat adjustments, sunroof, and much more. Suzuki Vitara is launched in two variants; GL+ and GLX where former is the basic variant and later is the top of the line model. But it is not confirmed how many variants the Sportage will be launched in Pakistan.Suzuki Vitara Interior

Suzuki Vitara Interior and Seats



KIA Sportage - First Look (10)

Suzuki Vitara Interior and Seats

Since both are SUVs, you, of course, get wheel selection and drive mode options as well.


Here are the prices of Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara GL+

PKR 3,490,000

Suzuki Vitara GLX

PKR 3,790,000

There is no confirmed news what will be the price of Kia Sportage. People have been speculating but the truth is Kia Lucky Motors has not even hinted anything in this regard. The general range of speculations go from being a PKR 3 million car to all the way to PKR 5 million. But until Kia Pakistan launches the cars, no one knows for sure. Also, people were expecting it to be launched immediately after the Carnival but that has also not happened. By a careful estimate, Kia might be launching the new car as late as 2019.

You can watch the Kia Sportage walkaround video below:

Which carmaker has the most loyal customers? Let’s find out!

We all somehow seem to love more than one car manufacturer. Cars have that effect on people, their beauty and performance can make us love it even if it is made by a brand that is totally strange to us. But the loyal customers of a car manufacturer are the ones who actually buy and trade-in the cars of a single manufacturer every time.

A lot of companies are very aware of the advantages of having a large, loyal customer base and try to find out ways to measure the loyalty of their customers. Edmunds recently published a report that measured and listed the loyalty of each car manufacturer in 2018. You may not be surprised to hear that according to the report, car loyalty has plummeted over the past few years while SUV loyalty has skyrocketed.

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According to the report, only 57pc of car owners would trade for a new car, 74pc of truck owners are likely to trade for another truck, while a whopping 75pc of SUV owners will go for another SUV when they decide to buy a new vehicle or trade their old one.

When talking about loyalty in terms of origin, Japanese car manufacturers have the most global brand loyalty, South Korean brands fall second, and American cars rank third on this list. Among the mainstream car manufacturers, the brand loyalty rankings go in the following sequence:

  1. Toyota
  2. Subaru
  3. Honda
  4. Ram
  5. Chevrolet
  6. Hyundai
  7. Kia
  8. Nissan
  9. Ford
  10. Mazda
  11. Jeep
  12. Volkswagen
  13. GMC
  14. Buick
  15. Mini
  16. Fiat
  17. Mitsubishi
  18. Dodge
  19. Smart
  20. Chrysler

Although ranked second, Subaru has shown the largest amount of gains in loyal customers over the past decade. Mazda has also seemed to have stepped up its efforts in increasing customer satisfaction. FCA car manufacturing brands except Ram and Jeep are found near the bottom.

Among the luxury car manufacturers’ list, Lexus ruled on top with Audi coming on second and Range Rover at third. Here is the complete list:

  1. Lexus
  2. Audi
  3. Range Rover
  4. Mercedes
  5. Porsche
  6. BMW
  7. Cadillac
  8. Acura
  9. Lincoln
  10. Volvo

Surprisingly, Toyota has dominated both, the mainstream car manufacturers’ ranking as well as the luxury car manufacturers’ rankings too. Surveys have shown that this unmatched brand loyalty has been made possible by Toyota due to its reputation for reliability. We have also seen that brands that have updated SUVs have more loyal customers than the ones who don’t manufacture SUVs.

Do you love the brand of your car? And will you buy the car of the same brand again? Let us know in the comments section below.

Al-HAJ FAW also increases the prices of its vehicle lineup

Right after IMC Toyota, Honda Pakistan also jacked up the prices of its vehicles for the second time this year yesterday (3-27-2018). We at PakWheels reported that Pak Suzuki and Al-Haj FAW are also eyeing to surge the rates of their vehicle as well. And now the latter one has increased the prices of its cars up to PKR 35 thousand. It is to be noted here that FAW at the beginning of this year already jacked up the prices of its vehicles, this is the second time this year the company has soared the rates.

The reasons local automobile companies are giving to increase the prices of their cars are that the Rupee is being devalued against the Dollar after each month and with increasing taxes on raw materials which they import from other countries for the manufacturing of their cars it is not possible for them to offer cars in existing prices.

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Below is the updated list of price rates of FAW vehicles:

New Price Old Price Change
STANDARD Rs.819,000 Rs.799,000 PKR 20,000
FLAT BED Rs.809,000 Rs.789,000 PKR 20,000
DECKLESS Rs.799,000 Rs.779,000 PKR 20,000
Additional Cost for AC Rs.41,000
F A W V2
Manual Transmission Rs.1,154,000 Rs.1,119, 000 PKR35,000
STANDARD Rs.919,000 Rs.899,000 PKR 20,000
DUAL AC Rs.969,000 Rs. 949,000 PKR 20,000
W/O Rear SEAT Rs.949,000 N/A

All above-mentioned prices are ex-factory. Moreover, the circulation which the company has forwarded to us also states as follow:

The prices of all FAW vehicles are subject to change without notice and prices prevailing at the time of delivery shall apply if rates of existing duties/taxes are increased or new duties/taxes are levied by the government then such increase would be paid by the customer prior to the delivery of the vehicles.

That’s it from our side. Do comment what you people think about this recent hike in prices by local automakers.

M-Tag – All the info you need to know

The motorway is without a doubt one of the best routes present currently in Pakistan. Each year millions of transporters and other commuters use it. The authorities try to maintain the motorway with their best capabilities so that the commuters using it might not land into some awkward problem. And now Frontier Works Organization (FWO) has introduced all-new M-Tag facility and replaced the old E-Tag option which was controlled by NADRA in a bid to give relief to users of (M-2) Lahore-Islamabad motorway.

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M-Tag is a pre-paid RFID chip which goes on the windscreen of the car, and when the vehicle comes near to the toll plaza the scanner placed at the toll plaza will automatically scan the balance in it and the location of the entry, and when you take an exit, it deducts the amount automatically—meaning no need to wait in long lines to submit the toll tax. The same system is being used in other countries as well such as Dubai.


The public and goods transport vehicles should have to get their free M-Tag by 31 March 2018 otherwise they would not be allowed to enter the motorway. Additionally, the private car owners will get a PKR 300 balance in their M-Tag if they opt to get the tag before 31 March 2018. Furthermore, after every 5000km the car runs on motorway routes PKR 500 would be recharged to their M-Tag. No deadline for private car owners have been announced by the authority in this regard; they can get the tag whenever they want.

It is pertinent to mention here that one can charge its M-Tag to any amount they want, according to one’s requirement. The balance has no expiry date so whenever one uses the route only then the amount would be deducted.

Where and how to apply for the M-Tag:

  • One can go to Ravi or Babu Sabu toll plaza there is a booth/office for the issuance of M-Tag
  • Required documents are: Original CNIC, vehicle registration book and phone number
  • Pay the desired amount on the spot to charge M-Tag
  • Vehicle must have a number plate as the vehicle without the number plate or applied for shall not get the M-Tag
  • Must have paid all E-Tags fines

How to recharge the chip:

  • The process of transferring the amount and recharging the M-Tag is straightforward. You need to transfer the amount via your bank account, or you can also do it through easy paisa, jazz cash at big outlets such as Hyperstar and Metro etc.
  • Balance has no expiry date
  • FWO has made a smart motorway app from where you can check your balance


  • No need to wait in long queues to pay the toll tax
  • E-challan will be deducted from M-Tag balance
  • Motorway operational alerts
  • Speed limits and Lane violation alerts
  • Toll transaction alerts
  • Weather alerts
  • M-Tag multiple recharge options etc.
  • Different lane for M-Tag users

The chip if damaged can be replaced free of cost. One important thing to mention here is that M-Tag only applies on the motorway, but shortly the same facility will be available for Lahore Ring Road.

Jeep presents Moab Easter Safari concepts

Easter time has arrived, which means that it is also time for the 52nd Annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari. The safari starts from 24th of March, going all the way to 1st of April. Countless off-roaders take part in the event; its participants driving through the rugged trails of Moab, Utah. In the anticipation of the event, FCA custom-built these colourful and stunning Jeep concepts that somehow suit the nature of the event and the road that these vehicles will be running on.

A total of 7 Easter Jeep treats have been presented this year. Among them, we have Jeep4Speed, Jeep Sandstorm, Jeep B-Ute, Jeep Wagoneer Roadtrip, Nacho Jeep, J-Wagon, and Jeepster.

Jeep Wagoneer Roadtrip Concept
Jeep Wagoneer Roadtrip Concept
Moab Easter (2)
Nacho Jeep
Moab Easter jeep b-ute
Jeep B-Ute
Moab Easter Jeep Sandstorm
Jeep Sandstorm
Moab Easter Jeep4Speed

You can now book the new Daehan Shehzore

At the end of last month on 25-2-2018, Dewan Motors launched all-new 2600cc Daehan Shehzore MiniTruck/pickup in the local market. The original Shehzore was popular back in the day, when Dewan launched it with the collaboration of Hyundai, due to its performance and durability. And now after much wait, Dewan has collaborated with Daehan, launching the new Shehzore and has officially started to book the vehicle across Pakistan.

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Moreover, as per the press release of the Daehan-Dewan Motor Company potential customers can visit its 3S dealerships and can get a hands-on experience of the vehicle. Furthermore, the company has also established its own support centre at Karachi for the purpose of customer services and assistance.

Daehan Shehzore Front

Daehan Shehzore Deck

As for the techincal specs of the new Shehzore, the vehicle is equipped with 2600cc naturally aspirated 4-cylinder SOHC 8-valve diesel injection engine. The new motor produces 79 horsepower at 4000rpm and 166.7Nm of torque at 2200rpm. The engine comes mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Where the Hyundai Shehzore had single wheels in the rear, the new Shehzore comes with dual rear wheels.

The dimensions of the pickup are 5145mm x 1740mm x 2020mm (length x width x height). Additionally, it has a wheelbase of 2720mm. The bed is 3100mm long (10.12 feet).

The fuel tank capcity of the new mini-truck is 65 litres. It also has features like adjustable power steering, power windows, and auto door locks, including a whole host of other features that set this new loader apart from other similar vehicles.

Daehan Shehzore Back

In the absence of the original Shehzore, Pak Suzuki launched its verion of the similiar-sized loading vehicle, the Mega Carry, in the market. So now with the re-launch of Shehzore, it would be interesting to see the competition between the two.

Daehan Shehzore has been priced at PKR 1,849,000.

Hyundai Santro 2004 – Budget Car Review

As the vast majority of Pakistanis belongs to middle-class, so they want to opt for a car under a certain budget. PakWheels has started these budget car reviews to help people who are looking for a used car under a certain budget.

Search for Hyundai Santro on PakWheels

In this particular write-up, we will be discussing 2004 second generation Hyundai Santro Exec variant. Before we start, a little about Hyundai Santro. Santro is a front wheel drive mini hatchback launched by Hyundai back in 2000 in Pakistan. The Santro saw two iterations while it was being sold in the country. The first gen Santro was launched in 2000 and was discontinued after three years in favour of 2nd gen Santro which was launched in 2003.

santro car 6

santro car 1

Initially, people thought it is a Korean made so spare parts would be not easy to find; however, that was not the case, and this particular Santro became popular hatchback in 2004-5 among masses. The first gen Santro was only available in one variant (Plus), on the other hand, the second gen Santro came in 6 variants,

There were various small and big difference between the three main variants (Club, Exec, and Prime); from various chrome bits to other frills. But the biggest difference was of the company fitted CNG. GV stands for Green Vehicle and came with the Lovato CNG kit.

Up till 2009, the car was fairly visible on Pakistani roads, but after that due to some reasons its local dealer Dewan Motors became a defaulter, and the Hyundai group exited Pakistan. An interesting tidbit about the car; around 300 units of Santro were released from the bank after a settlement in 2014 and Dewan launched all of them in the market. Despite the fact that Hyundai left the market all the cars were purchased in a limited time by the consumers. The law enforcement agencies also used these Santro cars for patrolling purposes within the city. One can easily assume how popular Santro was in the local market.

2004 Hyundai Santro
2004 Hyundai Santro

Furthermore, it is to be noted here that Hyundai was the fourth automaker which came to Pakistan after Honda, Suzuki and Toyota. The products of the company created a long-lasting impact on the local automobile industry; both the Santro and the Shehzore took the market by the storm.

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Where the first generation Santro was considerably taller and had arguably an awkward exterior, the 2nd gen Santro looks much more conventional yet modern according to its time. People who drove Santro know that the second generation Santro regarding exterior looks is far superior to its first generation. The car is equipped with crystal headlights, fog lamps and a grill which undoubtedly makes it aesthetically decent looking vehicle. It was one of the first cars in Pakistan that came with a rear wiper. Rear wiper was not common even in the imported cars of that era, and it is still absent in some local hatchbacks.

Hyundai Santro 2004 - PakWheels Budget Car Review (14)

Hyundai Santro 2004 - PakWheels Budget Car Review (13)

Talking about the dimensions of the car, 2nd gen Santro is ‎3495 mm in length, ‎1495 mm wide, and 1615 mm in height. The car has a wheelbase of 2380 mm. That makes the Santro 0.7 inch wider than the local Wagon R but around 4 inches shorter in length.

At the rear, the car has a chrome garnish, a spoiler and a twin colour bumper. If we conceptualise the overall exterior design of the car, it was way ahead of its time when it was launched in 2003.


The first thing which one feels when you enter the car is that the interior of the car is very spacious; both the headroom and legroom are considerably good. Two adults and three children can easily sit in the car.

Moreover, according to the best of our knowledge, this was the first car in the country which consisted of white colour information cluster. Back in the day, people used the white colour information meters in their sports cars or modified vehicles. So, it was a great innovation which the company did almost 15 years back. Additionally, one can easily adjust the side mirrors manually from inside of the car, it was another little feature that the car had.

Hyundai Santro 2004 - PakWheels Budget Car Review (9)

Hyundai Santro 2004 - PakWheels Budget Car Review (8)

Hyundai Santro 2004 - PakWheels Budget Car Review (7)

santro car

Company fitted audio unit only runs cassettes no USB or other ports were available in it. At that time all the small cars came only with cassette players/radios. However, the car which we drove for reviewing purposes had a CD player in it obviously the stock cassette player was changed with CD player. The dashboard had round and flowy design lines, making it contemporary.

The steering of the car was not telescopic; it was just like which comes in Mehran or other budget cars. The car also came with a defogger. AC vents are also circular with manual AC control switches in the middle part of the dashboard. It is not surprising as it is the budget car and also at the time it was launched even locally produced luxury car didn’t have automatic climate control unit in them. You will also find cup holders in Santro as well.

Hyundai Santro 2004 - PakWheels Budget Car Review (2)

Hyundai Santro 2004 - PakWheels Budget Car Review (3)

Hyundai Santro 2004 - PakWheels Budget Car Review (4)

Hyundai Santro 2004 - PakWheels Budget Car Review (5)

Hyundai Santro 2004 - PakWheels Budget Car Review (6)

One of the things about the car is that it didn’t come with closed glove box, although it has an ample number of storage compartments. The company even made a storage compartment under the front passenger seat; it was a great novelty from the Hyundai’s side.

As mentioned above the car we reviewed was the Executive model which came with power windows at front and manual at the rear.

Performance, Comfort, and Handling:

Santro came with an in-line 4-cylinder water-cooled engine. The engine was pretty advanced for its time. It had 3-valves per cylinder making it a 12v engine. The 999cc engine in Hyundai Santro was knows as Epsilon engine. The engine, when new, made 55 BHP and 82 Nm of torque. The transmission was a 5-speed manual.

Being a 1.0-liter car with a 5-speed manual gearbox the comfort and ride quality are considerably good. Moreover, the suspension is significantly better as well if compared with other hatchbacks of the time it was introduced. As far as the ground clearance of the car is concerned, it is good considering the Pakistani roads.

The important thing to mention here is that the car from its very first generation was launched with EFI engine it was quite a remarkable thing back in the day because no other car in the same segment came with EFI engine. Suzuki Alto 1000cc was its competitor yet it didn’t feature EFI engine. And this is the reason that the fuel economy of the car was good and it never felt underpowered.

Hyundai Santro 2004 - PakWheels Budget Car Review (12)

Hyundai Santro 2004 - PakWheels Budget Car Review (14)

Hyundai Santro 2004 - PakWheels Budget Car Review (13)

Moving onward, the mileage of the car is decent enough for a car that was launched back in 2003-4. It gives 10-11 km/l per litre in city and 12-14 km/l on highway. It might not be up to the mark by today’s standards, but it is still decent average. Like many mini hatchbacks, the Santro comes with a 35-litre fuel tank.

The AC of the car is still powerful enough even after all these years. It means one doesn’t have to worry in a hot summer day.

Furthermore, the availability of spare parts is no issue at all; one can easily get them from the local auto market. The only problem in the car is that if the ECU of the car becomes nonfunctional, it is difficult to acquire.  However, the good news is that Hyundai has once again come to the country in collaboration with Nishat Motors—meaning you will not have to worry about the spare parts availability in the future. It would not be wrong to assume that Hyundai Nishat will be catering the older Hyundai cars as well.


All in all, considering that it’s a 15-year-old hatchback, the car has amazing features. The space of the car is also good and it also gives good mileage. It’s a complete family car. If you are thinking about buying a used hatchback on a smaller budget, in our opinion, this is the car to go for. The car has been discontinued; nonetheless, one can easily buy used Hyundai Santro ranging from 3 to 6 lacs as per the condition of the car.

Watch PakWheels Hyundai Santro video review below:

Until next time, think wheels, think PakWheels.

Bolan Jeep Rally 2018 concludes – Here are the results and pictures

Motorsports, especially off-road rally racing is becoming a massive phenomenon in the country, and now even the media is also giving them coverage. There are many rallies taking place in the country throughout the year such as Thal, Cholistan and Jhal Magsi rallies etc. And now recently the  2nd Bolan Jeep Rally has been concluded with Jaffar Magsi winning it for consecutively, second time. Previous Bolan 4×4 Jeep Rally which was held in April 2017 was also won by Jaffar Magsi.

winner stock 1 bolan jafar

It was a three-day rally which kicked off on 19th March and ended on 21st March 2018. The rally was held in the Bibi Nani area of Bolan District, Balochistan. The rally was organised by the local Balochistan Government in collaboration with the Pak Army. It is to be noted here that 90 KMs long route was prepared for the racers by the organisers and a total of 6.7 million rupees were distributed among the winners.

There were two main categories in this rally one was stock, and the other was prepared. However, there were nine sub-categories, including the women category. Races of the stock category were completed on 20-3-2018, while the races for the prepared category were held on 21-3-2018.

jeep rally 6

Vehicles ranging from 1000 cc to 4000 cc were used in the jeep rally. Over 50 drivers participated in the Bolan Jeep Rally. Prominent drivers like Nadir Magsi, Shahibzada Sultan, Ronnie Patel, Zain Mehmood, Babar Khan and Gohar Sangi also participated in the particular Jeep Rally.

jeep rally 2

Below is the list of winners who won the race in different categories:

Prepared Category (A)

  1. Mohammad Jaffar Magsi – Time completion (1:00:14.36)
  2. Shahibzada Sultan – Time completion (1:01:28.04)
  3. Mir Nadir Magsi – Time completion (1:02:01.93)

Prepared Category (B)

  1. Zain Mehmood – Time completion (1:05:16.57)
  2. Imran Magsi – Time completion (1:11:13.74)
  3. Nauman Saranjam – Time completion (1:15:05.03)

Prepared Category (C)

  1. Gohar Sangi – Time completion (1:10:07.96)
  2. Kashif Khan – Time completion (1:17:12.19)
  3. Malik Babar – Time completion (1:21:52.05)

Prepared Category (D)

  1. Zafar Khan Bloach – Time completion (1:13:54.94)
  2. Shaheen Iqbal – Time completion (1:18:22.20)
  3. Abdul Razaq – Time completion (1:29:35.26)

Now coming to the stock category.

Stock Category (A)

  1. Sahibzada Fawad Zakore – Time completion (1:07:56.75)
  2. Tariq Magsi – Time completion (1:12:38.64)
  3. Haji Waheed Lehri – Time completion (1:17:04.96)

Stock Category (B)

  1. M Zarain Magsi – Time completion (1:07:45.64)
  2. Danish Peshimam – Time completion (1:10:52.92)
  3. Main Shebir – Time completion (1:14:43.21)

Stock Category (C)

  1. Hassan Ali Magsi – Time completion (1:15:40.00)
  2. Rabnawaz Joyia – Time completion (1:16:16.36)
  3. Sarfaraz Dhanji – Time completion (1:20:34.64)

Stock Category (D)

  1. Mir Liaquat Shawani – Time completion (1:19:47.89)
  2. Sohail Abbas Kurd – Time completion (1:20:01.95)
  3. Manzoor Magsi – Time completion (1:22:35.41)

Women category

  1. Tushna Patel – Time completion (0:34:55.00)
  2. Mrs Asim Khan – Time completion (0:41:10.00)

Hundreds of people visited the rally and enjoyed it with full zeal and zest. The main aim of organising such events in the region is to increase tourism and to uplift the livelihood of the people living there.

While talking at the concluding ceremony, Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa said, “Peace had come back to the region and tourism is flourishing, which is indeed good for the people living in these areas. We hope to conduct four rallies next year in Balochistan as the area is suitable for off-road racing.”

That’s it from our side, do comment what you think about the rise of motorsports in the country in the comments section below.

Nissan will soon replace the 370z


When a car manufacturer sells a proper expensive sports car, then chances are they certainly sell a baby version of that car for a specific segment of buyer who doesn’t like to go all extreme. But that market is so limited that most of these cars often end up being ignored as a whole, unlike their big brothers who receive all the love.


Nissan 370z is a fairly popular car too featured in many car shows and games including the Asphalt series where the car originally gained popularity. Nissan 370z has been on sale for quite a few time now, but it hasn’t received any significant updates in the past years. Which led us to believe that there won’t be a true “Z” successor to the line-up anymore. There was also a new circulating about a sports crossover by Nissan but looks like we were wrong after all. There will be a successor to the 370z, and it will be a proper coupe and not a jacked up 370z. The performance will come from a 3.0L Twin-Turbo engine capable of making 400hp and later on the NISMO version will boast up to 500 horses. Combine the small footprint and a powerful engine you have yourself a very delicious recipe for a small sports car which doesn’t break your bank.


Since the standard version of the baby GT-R is due 2020 and 2021 for the NISMO, we expect to see the concept vehicle later this year. The name for this car has been deciding yet but as of now let’s call it the 400Z until we hear something about it. There you go, guys, what do you think? Are you excited about the new “Z” or it’s just another attempt by Nissan to save a dying segment?

Honda Pakistan increases prices of its cars again

Honda Atlas has also increased the prices of its cars second time in the year. Previously, Honda Pakistan increased the prices of its cars in the start of January 2018.

City 1339cc Basic 1339cc Navigation 1500cc Basic
1500cc Aspire
i-VTEC MT 1,711,000 1,761,500 1,771,000 1,901,000
i-VTEC PT 1,851,000 1,901,500 1,911,000 2,041,000
Civic Basic Navigation Leather Seats Leather Navigation
i-VTEC 1.8 (CVT 6-Speed) 2,511,000 2,585,500 2,570,500 2,645,000
i-VTEC 1.8 L (CVT 6-Speed) 2,661,000 2,735,500 2,720,500 2,795,000
BR-V Basic Navigation i-VTEC/i-VTEC S
i-VTEC CVT 6-Speed 2,261,000 2,316,000
i-VTEC S CVT 6-Speed 2,361,000 2,361,000
i-VTEC (EDT) CVT 7-Speed 4,211,000

These prices are ex-factory and will be applicable from 1st April 2018.

Update: According to the details available to us, if you have made a full payment of your car by 5th of March 2018, you will not be asked to pay the difference. However, we would advise you to ask your dealership for details if you need to pay the extra amount of not.

Toyota Pakistan increased the prices of its cars only a week or so ago after Indus Motors CEO hinted that the devaluation of Pakistani Rupee along with the increasing taxes on raw materials is making it impossible for the auto assembler to keep offering the vehicles on the current rate. Toyota Indus therefore increased the prices of all its Corolla variants, Hilux models, and the Toyota Fortuner.

It seems Honda Pakistan has the similar view point.

It is only the matter of time when other car manufacturing companies like Suzuki Pakistan and Al-haj FAW start thinking on the same lines and increase the prices of their products.

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Formula 1’s new safety car is a beast

You must have guessed it already that the new Formula 1 safety car is now a Mercedes-AMG GT R. The latest F1 safety car will be filling circuits all around the globe with its insane exhaust noises from it’s 577 hp V8 starting off at the opening round of Australian Grand Prix 2018 season.

For those who miss the good old days when F1 regulations weren’t that strict and we got to hear those cracking noises from V8 or V10 engines, this safety car might be the one for you. Who wouldn’t like a AMG GT R flying down the track with it’s glorious V8 producing all sorts of noises. The purpose of a safety car is to safely lead the cars in case of any accident or bad weather so why need such a powerful beast, well because F1 cars aren’t meant to go slow.

formula 1 safety car

The current safety car AMG GT S has already spent three seasons, so it was definitely time to upgrade to a more powerful meaner version. So here is a look at the current safety car and a few of one which served before this one.

The new AMG GT R is now officially the most powerful F1 safety car yet. Other than appearances, it is identical to the road legal AMG GT R with a monstrous 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 producing 577hp and 700nm of torque. The safety car has been given an optional AMG track package which includes an F1 spec roll cage, a fire extinguisher and a four-point seatbelt harness. On the exterior you can see the upgraded carbon ceramic brakes, a flashing light bar, placed on top of a carbonfibre air scoop designed to offer the least possible air resistance.

formula 1 safety car

On the inside, the first thing you notice is the multiple iPad type screens which the co-driver can use to keep and eyes on all the racing cars, the left one is for the TV broadcast and the last one can show lap times and positions of all race cars. The car also includes a Wi-Fi hotspot and an on-board radio system for communication.

formula 1 safety car

formula 1 safety car

Bernd Mayländer the driver of the safety car said:

I am very much looking forward to my new company car. It is an absolute highlight in terms of driving dynamics and is one level higher up still than the AMG GT S of recent years. Of course, ideally the safety car should be deployed as rarely as possible – but when we have to safely bunch up the Formula 1 field and lead it around the track, we will be superbly equipped with the AMG GT R